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i used to be obsessed with this show as a kid, loved it

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Shows | Crime

such a good storyline, hilarious, the characters are amazingly built up, beautiful show. love the idea of it.

Schitt's Creek imageSchitt's Creek image

Schitt's Creek

Shows | Comedy

so wrong, but fantastic.

South Park imageSouth Park image

South Park

Shows | Comedy

good show, but it definitely took me awhile to get into it.

All of Us Are Dead imageAll of Us Are Dead image

All of Us Are Dead

Shows | Drama

fantastic show, but the 4th season is definitely overhyped.

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Stranger Things

Shows | Drama

watched it at an incredibly young age, grew up mortified of it.. but now I love it.

The Walking Dead imageThe Walking Dead image

The Walking Dead

Shows | Action & Adventure

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