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Michaela Barranco



It was an typical “LMN” but more Hollywood. You know what to expect but good acting and entertaining.

The Boy Next Door imageThe Boy Next Door image

The Boy Next Door

Movies | Thriller

It was a glorified soap opera. But fun dialogue and great perspective from a woman.

Sex/Life imageSex/Life image



Different and interesting storyline. Like the way it was shot.

Gypsy imageGypsy image


Shows | Drama

Truly does dark comedy well! Great and string female cast.

Dead to Me imageDead to Me image

Dead to Me

Shows | Comedy

Interesting story line. Sad and action packed. Surprisingly good acting.

Sweet Girl imageSweet Girl image

Sweet Girl

Movies | Action

Great female acting! Fantastic script.

Little Fires Everywhere imageLittle Fires Everywhere image

Little Fires Everywhere

Shows | Drama

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