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Booktok Reader 💛 Romance is my go to genre! 🥰 Trumpet is my instrument and living air I breathe 🧘‍♀️ 🎺

I LOVE IT! First impression on Emily Henry was amazing. Charlie and Nora, I fell in love with the characters and their whole love story. It was really the highlight I read about. The book also spotlights on how people respond to grief, and being the bigger person to take care of others, before yourself. I love it!! The amount of emotion and spice is killing me!! 🔥

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Book Lovers

Books | Emily Henry

I haven’t made a review in awhile, but this book was all kinds of amazing and romantic. As the sequel to The Kiss Quotient and Bride Test, and ending of the series, it all wraps it up with Quan and Anna. I love the characters I really do, and shows relationship struggles, as well as family struggles with meeting your loved ones expectations. Your gonna love this book, with the amount of emotion and spice 🔥

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The Heart Principle

Books | Helen Hoang

Omg Helen Hoang never disappoints!!! The bride test really shows the raw reality of what a person goes through to gain a better life for themselves and/or their family. The love dynamic of being set up together was putting me on the edge the whole time! This continued book from The Kiss Quotient totally captured my full attention again! I couldn’t put this down 💛 This contains sexual themes, but if your an mature enough young adult, you’ll enjoy these parts! Totally recommended!!!

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The Bride Test

Books | Helen Hoang

This book really shows how an autistic person deserves the same respect and treatment as any other person. The story was so romantic, and the dynamic of Michael and Stella’s relationship was really adorable. The book has sexual content, but as a “young adult” if your mature enough, you can handle it. Id recommend to any Booktok readers! 💛

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The Kiss Quotient

Books | Helen Hoang

This book was SPECTACULAR to read. It’s not a slow paced book, or a fast one, just right! The simple love dynamic between the two main characters is so wholesome. The plot is even better, fake dating always makes a book stick out to me 🥰This book contains sexual themes, but if your a little young, I’d recommend skipping those parts. But if your plenty mature then nothing is stopping you. I so recommend!

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The Love Hypothesis

Books | Ali Hazelwood

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