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Amazing! Novik creates the most fascinating characters and creates such surreal worlds without over or under explaining. Her writing is so easy to get lost in. I cannot wait for the next installment in the series. #fiction #witchcraft #worldbuilding #reading #books

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A Deadly Education

Books | Naomi Novik

A good book. I would give 6/10 stars. The characters were a bit dull, the world building could use some flushing out, and the plot was very predictable. However, the overall theme of the book was eye-opening. I love a good dystopian. The romance was okay, reminiscent of 1984 in some places. overall, I think its worth the read. #dystopian #romance #science_fiction #books #reading

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Books | Sarina Dahlan

Amazing, fast-paced, read! Loved the 2 sisters and the focus on class disparity during war and times of heavy rationing. Not the focus, ofcourse, but a great addition to the plot. If you like historical fiction, I highly reccomend. #historicalfiction #history #book #reading #romance #sisterhood #feminism

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Sisters of the Resistance

Books | Christine Wells

I really love books that switch between past and present time lines, especially when the different plot lines intersect in non-straightforward ways. This book is a great example of how this can be done well! I also really liked that the Parallels between Nella and Caroline were so subtle. #historicaldrama #time_period #fivestars

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The Lost Apothecary

Books | Sarah Penner

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