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When this show was being aired, I did not watch it. Due to its drama and all that stuff. But I actually just finished the show and I freaking loved it. A must watch. Has everything you want in a show. The final... well.... the final. .... was good. “Clear eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t loose” !!! #bringbacktimriggins #timrigginsstrong

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Friday Night Lights

Shows | Drama

So far, I am still in the first season. And it’s funny, witty, but at time romantic. So far overall good show !! I feel like people within the show are going to grow to love the main character and won’t care that she is older than the rest.

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This movie was good, it’s hard to say what genre it resides in. It’s like a chick flick meets rom com. 8 outta 10. The movie was not to long nor too short !! #love,guaranteed #love_and_romance#love_and_marriage#love

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Love, Guaranteed

Movies | Romance

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