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Based on last week's episode, I'm having so many theories. Are the monsters humans inhabited by demons that murdered them years ago? Or, is this an alternate realm they're stuck in? The way the girl repeatedly wiped the blood from her collar...human but very creepy. Plus, it was the first time the monsters showed any other emotion other than smiling eerily at people as they walk slowly toward them. It's a really good show that I sincerely hope continues to get better and better as time goes on.

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It gives Hitchcock vibes. It gives Girl on a Train moments. With callbacks to The Net and undertones of What Lies Beneath. It's a really clever, well written thriller that starts out subtle but quickly ramps up when the central element of the movie comes into play. As with most of his moves, Kimi is well directed by Soderbergh and Zoe Kravitz does a great job making the her character believable without being one note considering her character's anxiety of leaving her apartment.

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