absolutely hilarious, this is such a family movie for the holidays. 10/10 kids and parents would love this

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation imageNational Lampoon's Christmas Vacation image

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

Movies | Comedy

do i need to explain? this movie was PHENOMENAL. all the hype about this movie was delivered and deserved. people want more cross-overs like this and i can see why. the director did an amazing job, 100/10

Spider-Man: No Way Home imageSpider-Man: No Way Home image

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Movies | Action

oscar issac played an amazing part in this movie as gomez, id love to see him in the live action. this movie was really good, its a great movie for a family night

The Addams Family 2 imageThe Addams Family 2 image

The Addams Family 2

Movies | Animation

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