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Just a splendid love story. 6.3/10

Just Like Heaven imageJust Like Heaven image

Just Like Heaven

Movies | Comedy

I love the mma and boxer team up in this movie. 7/10

The Debt Collector imageThe Debt Collector image

The Debt Collector

Movies | Action

Jonah Hill and Miles Tiller are a great duo. 6.5/10

War Dogs imageWar Dogs image

War Dogs

Movies | Comedy

Didn't understand half of what they were talking about, but still a good movie. 6.7/10

The Big Short imageThe Big Short image

The Big Short

Movies | Comedy

Leonardo Dicaprio and Jonah Hill are just perfect. 8.1/10

The Wolf of Wall Street imageThe Wolf of Wall Street image

The Wolf of Wall Street

Movies | Crime

John C. Reilly was perfect in this movie. 6.8/10

Kong: Skull Island imageKong: Skull Island image

Kong: Skull Island

Movies | Action

I love thw sounds/music in this movie. 7.2/10

Godzilla imageGodzilla image


Movies | Action

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