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im awesome (he/they)


this was such a good movie. i loved how all the different emotions were protrayed and the discriltion was just amazing :)

The Fallout imageThe Fallout image

The Fallout

Movies | Drama

this is my new favorite book series. i loved all these books so much and the story and art is just so amazing

Heartstopper Volume One imageHeartstopper Volume One image

Heartstopper Volume One

Books | Alice Oseman

as of rn this is my favorite show. its so well done and u fall in love with all the characters except a few watch it :D

Young Royals imageYoung Royals image

Young Royals

Shows | Drama

i love this show so much. just everything about it makes me so happy and i felt so many different emotions :)

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Shows | Action & Adventure

i literally love this movie the sound track is so good and the repisantaion is amazing. totally recomend this movie

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Movies | Animation

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