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I loved Thom and Clay! I've re-read the last couple chapters since finishing the book yesterday 🥰

Love, Hate & Clickbait imageLove, Hate & Clickbait image

Love, Hate & Clickbait

Books | Liz Bowery

I love this author! I didn't know I would love reading books with characters that have similar upbringings as myself. Thank you so much!

The Knockout imageThe Knockout image

The Knockout

Books | Sajni Patel

I loved this so much! The character development was really well paced and the author was able to accurately touch on issues in the South Asian community without making it sound cliche or comical. Really good read, I think I enjoyed this one more than the first

First Love, Take Two imageFirst Love, Take Two image

First Love, Take Two

Books | Sajni Patel

This book started off a bit cheesy but then had me squealing in the middle of the night as I was reading it! Loved it! 💯

The Trouble with Hating You imageThe Trouble with Hating You image

The Trouble with Hating You

Books | Sajni Patel

It was good, doesn't promise any fantasy, characters are very true to themselves

Normal People imageNormal People image

Normal People

Books | Sally Rooney

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