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One of my favorite shows, I love the storyline and set up. Although if you don’t pay attention to the actors and who’s, who, it can be hard to follow.

The Haunting of Hill House imageThe Haunting of Hill House image

The Haunting of Hill House

Shows | Drama

This movie had me jumping out my bed and on the verge of tears, truly a great movie if your looking for something about grieving with a mix of horror.

The Night House imageThe Night House image

The Night House

Movies | Horror

This movie has got to be one of my favorites. Although it’s gory and set in the 1800s, it truly does set a good example of why you should never touch something that’s not yours.

The Cursed imageThe Cursed image

The Cursed

Movies | Horror

I loved the set up and anticipation in this movie. The ending was fascinating, although the beginning of the movie — maybe the first 10 minutes — are hard to follow.

The Witch imageThe Witch image

The Witch

Movies | Mystery

I love books like this. Great pacing, fun, and first person. Also very gay.

Breaking Legacies imageBreaking Legacies image

Breaking Legacies

Books | Zoe Reed

I read this book when I was 12, in the school library, under the ‘friendly’ section. I was surprised when I opened the book and it started talking about all the things that make people unique. I loved this book more than o ever thought I could. It discusses SA, Rape, Murder, and coming of age queer teens. It’s still my favorite book at 2 years.

All the Things We Do in the Dark imageAll the Things We Do in the Dark image

All the Things We Do in the Dark

Books | Saundra Mitchell

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