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Wow. Simply, wow. This movie keeps you very engaged with the plot and main characters. Where this movie really shines is the twist. It shoves a plottwist down your throat that you WONT see coming, and no, I'm not talking about the lighthouse, I'm talking about the ending. It'll leave you questioning what you were told forever. Simply incredible. 9/10

Shutter Island imageShutter Island image

Shutter Island

Movies | Drama

The couple feel like ACTUAL people with REAL feelings and a TRUE sense of love for each other. Perfect acting. The ending is a little bit disappointing but superb nonetheless. The strangers also give you a true sense of terror, they're fast, everywhere at once, and most of all, scary! 10/10 I can't recommend enough!!!

The Strangers imageThe Strangers image

The Strangers

Movies | Thriller

Bernthal is the perfect man to play the punisher. The action is also fantastic. 9/10

Marvel's The Punisher imageMarvel's The Punisher image

Marvel's The Punisher

Shows | Action & Adventure

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