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Nicole Gonzalez



Super cute! Great story! That is until it made my heart hurt while I sobbed at 3am

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We Were Liars

Books | E. Lockhart

Sensitive topic (school shooting), but more than worth the read! Four points of view with time stamps instead of chapters, this book was incredibly well written. The characters were complex and relatable and the story I'm sure resonates with many today. Shredded my heart to pieces as I sobbed until my chest ached at 3am. Highly recommend but also good luck

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This Is Where It Ends

Books | Marieke Nijkamp

Made my heart big and plump and full of love! Then ripped it out, tore it apart, and stomped on it for extra measure. I both loved and hated this book. Good luck if you decide to read it. Keep tissues nearby

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Books | Marissa Meyer

Absolutely loved this book! It pulled me into their world with twists and turns on every page. I couldn't put it down, even after I had read the last page. The end was shocking and I loved it

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Books | Will McIntosh

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