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I thought it was awesome and it had me entertained.

Prospect imageProspect image


Movies | Science Fiction

I watch this movie with my little nieces and nephews all the time. We have a good time watching during our movie night.

Aladdin imageAladdin image


Movies | Animation

I love this movie. I remember seeing this when I was growing and I actually had my time in dentention when I was high school as well.

The Breakfast Club imageThe Breakfast Club image

The Breakfast Club

Movies | Comedy

I love Queen and Freddie Mercury! Enough said...

Bohemian Rhapsody imageBohemian Rhapsody image

Bohemian Rhapsody

Movies | Drama

I love the Royal Family. So this show has my attention and my way to enjoy my love for the Royal Family.

The Crown imageThe Crown image

The Crown

Shows | Drama

This was my show. I used to love to watch this show. I used to make sure I was home so I didn’t miss a episode.

Lost imageLost image


Shows | Action & Adventure

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