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you can definitely tell how it's a movie from the 2000s! honestly, i wasn't expecting the balance beam to tip towards gore but yes! it got me screaming and yelling at my TV😭 personally, i feel like the beginning is a slow buildup. then again, when are beginnings not like that?

House of Wax imageHouse of Wax image

House of Wax

Movies | Horror

AHHH Glen Powell is such a gem! I was expecting a typical romcom where it'd be predictable but it played out so well! it really got me giggling on my couch, yet sad at times. It's perfect for another movie on my list of comfort movies:)

Set It Up imageSet It Up image

Set It Up

Movies | Romance

I LOVE IT. I CAN WATCH IT FOR SUCH UNHEALTHY AMOUNT OF TIMES... but be warned, EVERY PERSON IN THIS MOVIE IS VERY ATTRACTIVE and most definitely worth salivating over. 😍😍

Top Gun: Maverick imageTop Gun: Maverick image

Top Gun: Maverick

Movies | Action

tbh, it showed their great bromance and friendship.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies imageSuperman/Batman: Public Enemies image

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies

Movies | Animation

so nostalgic and gets better every time I rewatch it!

Justice League Unlimited imageJustice League Unlimited image

Justice League Unlimited

Shows | Animation

it's nice because we almost barely get movies that mention/or full on involve Jason Todd in the story. plus, the fact that they made his reasoning for disappearing in a family friendly way like that? blew my mind away. ultimately, it's wholesome and hilarious!

Lego DC Batman: Family Matters imageLego DC Batman: Family Matters image

Lego DC Batman: Family Matters

Movies | Animation

extremely nostalgic! especially the Christmas episodes, it really makes you feel like a little kid.

Batman: The Animated Series imageBatman: The Animated Series image

Batman: The Animated Series

Shows | Action & Adventure

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