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Best enjoyed by people that are both blind and deaf. Technically, due to credits it's not as long as the 139 minute run time so that's a big plus. Honestly, just don't think about why anything is happening or just keep it on in the background and it's a fun movie with some pretty good effects and some decent humor. I wish they made it less serious and leaned into Chris Pratt being a weirdo.

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The Tomorrow War

Movies | Action

Wow, phenomenal acting with mesmerizing cinematography. It's bookended by real audio tapes of the event and has podcast detailing where the info came from. They made some changes like condensing a group of scientists into the female lead, Emily Watson. Really helped to keep track of all the people and make sense of the situation without needing to take notes.

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Shows | Drama

Great movie with a fantastic cast. Absolutely all of them were top notch. Watch it if you like whodunit style movies. But you don't really have much of a choice since only like 3 have come out in the past few years.

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Knives Out

Movies | Comedy

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