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This film gets a bad rap: while not as good as first two, Raimi forced by studio to shoehorn Venom in, and maybe too much going on overall. However: still a lot of fun! Better than some MCU entries. Tobey's dorky emo "bad guy" persona: cheesy but hilarious! Worth watching for any Spiderman fan.

Spider-Man 3 imageSpider-Man 3 image

Spider-Man 3

Movies | Fantasy

For Dune "completists" mostly. This is a made-for-tv production. You'll need to overlook bad special effects, cheap sets, and some poor acting. But somewhat faithful to book, with some scenes not in other adaptations. There were some great performances: William Hurt as Duke Leto, Ian McNiece (brilliant, maybe my favorite Baron), Julie Cox in an expanded role for Princess Irulan (but it worked somehow), and the actress who played Lady Jessica. Flawed, but I enjoyed it.

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Frank Herbert's Dune

Shows | Sci-Fi & Fantasy

One of the best shows in recent history. 1970s period piece/police procedural, with elements of time travel science fiction, mystery, and psychological thriller. Good enough to be adapted for television in 6 countries. (Skip the US version - despite some good actors, it totally missed the mark.) Amazing 70s soundtrack. Only two seasons, but there is a follow-up series Ashes to Ashes that is also worth checking out.

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Life on Mars

Shows | Drama

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