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I love a good book just as much as I love a good TV show! I think I have pretty eclectic taste in both, but when it comes to books I lean towards memoirs. My suggestion is to read the book before watching the movie or the series, and also, books make GREAT gifts!


Such a strange concept, but also very good! I didn’t binge watch it until a few episodes in, but I’m looking forward to season 2! I felt a lot of different emotions while watching this. I recommend it for sure. 7/10

All of Us Are Dead imageAll of Us Are Dead image

All of Us Are Dead

Shows | Drama

I hopped on the bandwagon with this one, and got drawn all the way in! I’m not sure what season 2 is going to bring, but I am so ready for it! I don’t tend to rewatch shows, unless they are old sitcoms or movies, but I can see watching this again before season 2 comes out. I don’t think this show is supposed to be super funny, but I found myself laughing way too much at the insanity! I think I was laughing out of shock 🫢 I definitely recommend watching it! 8/10

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Squid Game

Shows | Drama

I definitely binge watched this one! A friend recommended it to me, and I thought it was going to be really rom-comish lol, but it was a pleasant surprise! Emily is a lovable hot mess! It reminds me of Younger (which I also recommend). I cannot wait for the next season and all the great drama! I’m wondering if she’s going to make the decision we all want her to make 🤞🏽(DOUBT IT lol) Super easy watch…9/10!

Emily in Paris imageEmily in Paris image

Emily in Paris

Shows | Drama

The entire cast works so well together! I just wish they let Sheryl Lee Ralph work at her fullest potential and not make her so matronly. She is an awesome actress and so funny. The principal and the boyfriend are hilarious in their roles! I hope it gets MANY more seasons! 9/10!

Abbott Elementary imageAbbott Elementary image

Abbott Elementary

Shows | Comedy

By far my favorite Sherlock series! Very well done! 10/10!

Sherlock imageSherlock image


Shows | Crime

I recommend this book for anyone who has not read any of her works before, as it gives you a little taste of direct quotes from her other books. A very nice compilation and cute cover. This book also makes a nice gift!

Rainbow in the Cloud imageRainbow in the Cloud image

Rainbow in the Cloud

Books | Maya Angelou

This show definitely surprised me and I can’t wait for season after season! I love a show that is unpredictable with cliffhangers, and this one absolutely checks those boxes! Not to mention, it makes me want to live in the area of Charleston, SC where it’s filmed. SO pretty! 15/10, love it!

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Outer Banks


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