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Penelope Eden



Gripping and Dark, read only if you wish to see what damage someone as a parent can do. Scary

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The Perfect Child

Books | Lucinda Berry

Baffling, scary and if you are squeamish and a soft spot for children...i don't suggest this book. But Amy cross does as always a amazing work!

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Books | Amy Cross

animation #horror #gore #mythology #mythical_creatures

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Shows | Animation

Not part of the hillbillies brothers series, but a very good movie

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Wrong Turn

Movies | Horror

Amazing, spooky stories. Do note, it is a Spanish podcast

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Relatos de la Noche

Podcasts | Drama

Makes you laugh and cry..... Baby is ...just watch it xD

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Ice Age: Scrat Tales

Shows | Animation

Dangers of wanting to know of the paranormal realm

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28 Days Haunted

Shows | Reality

Surprising good, shows in a way how generation curses start.

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Movies | Horror

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