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This story has a very moving message. This is definitely a movie you will cry to. I give this movie a 8.5/10. It is on Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, Youtube, Apple Tv, and Google Play. Go watch now.

What Dreams May Come imageWhat Dreams May Come image

What Dreams May Come

Movies | Drama

This show is awesome. It is an amazing show to binge watch. With some romance and drama, and fantasy. It’s perfect. I 10/10 recommend this show. It’s on Hulu, Netflix, and Disney+. Go watch now!

Once Upon a Time imageOnce Upon a Time image

Once Upon a Time

Shows | Drama

This is probably my most favorite show ever!!! There are unexpected twists and turns! Action, mystery, crime, and so much more!!! PLEASE GO WATCH ON NETFLIX RIGHT NOW

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Shows | Crime

#drama #crime #mystery

The Undoing imageThe Undoing image

The Undoing

Shows | Drama


Schitt's Creek imageSchitt's Creek image

Schitt's Creek

Shows | Comedy

Amazing show! Always entertaining! #comedy

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Bob's Burgers

Shows | Comedy

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