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Love all genres. Leo DiCaprio favorite actor, M Night Shyamalan favorite director, Angelina jolie favorite actress.


Loved it. From a 911 operator pov who is a cop on suspension, gets a call and it gets wild from there. The plot twist is one of the best I've seen in a movie, unpredictable leaves you wondering at the end I recommend this

The Guilty imageThe Guilty image

The Guilty

Movies | Thriller

It's ok. Sometimes predictable you can definitely tell what will happen at times but it's different storyline, I like the scenery almost done with season 2 I'd watch another season if there's one

Outer Banks imageOuter Banks image

Outer Banks

Shows | Action & Adventure

This is amazing. I love all things the Beatles and you get to hear some great stories about them and song writing and life after the Beatles. Sir Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin make a great combo

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McCartney 3,2,1

Shows | Documentary

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