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Now this... this is PERFECTION!! 😭🔥

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Scream VI

Movies | Horror

A little cringe here and there, but overall hilarious. He definitely didn't hold back with this one 🤣.

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage imageChris Rock: Selective Outrage image

Chris Rock: Selective Outrage

Movies | Comedy

I decided to watch this after watching the Netflix movie and I'm glad I did, as it provided me with some background that made the watching experience better. Knowing how the production went and that all this happened because of one man's refusal to lose is incredible and honestly inspiring, especially considering the time-period. The movie itself is no masterpiece, but it's not as bad as people make it out to be. Now granted I do love anything that's black... and from the 70s but it has a certain charm that it just makes sense why it's considered a classic 🤣. There are some technical issues (I watched the boom mic version ☠️), but once again knowing how this was made, it's easy to let it slide as it's still impressive and very cohesive for a movie with an estimated budget of only $100,000. In the end, I guess all I have to say is... DOLEMITE IS MY NAME AND FKING UP MFS IS MY GAME!! 😤

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Movies | Action

Probably should've watched the original Dolemite movie beforehand but this is a great movie that you can tell was made with love and respect 🔥. At least now I'll have some background knowledge when I do watch the original 🤣.

Dolemite Is My Name imageDolemite Is My Name image

Dolemite Is My Name

Movies | Drama

I'm glad I didn't ditch this show after the first episode because this show is hilariously raunchy 🤣. This is a good short show to binge and though it started out rough (imo), it definitely got better as it kept going and ngl by the end I was kinda sad we didn't get to see what was next 🤧. I can see why people wouldn't necessarily love this, but I wouldn't be mad at all if they somehow brought this show back 🤩.

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Shows | Comedy

I don't know any of the games, comics, or anything else that came beforehand, but even without all that, this is still a cool, weird, cute movie that even through all its flaws still somehow works. Also... I had no idea Chris Evans was in here so that's a bonus 🙈

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World imageScott Pilgrim vs. the World image

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Movies | Action

We love a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously 🤩. Even though, it takes a GOOD minute to finally get into some action/horror (at least in the Unrated version), once it gets going you won't be disappointed 🤣. Shout-out to the writers for clearly having fun (M3GAN debut album when?? 👀) and even though there are a few flaws, they're easy to ignore if you're just watching it like I said, a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously 😭. I'd definitely recommend it if you just want something to chill to or watch with friends! P.S. CAN HUMAN EARS REALLY STRETCH THAT LONG??? 😭😭

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Movies | Horror

A beautiful animated movie that gives a new meaning to an already beautiful album 💙

Interstella 5555 imageInterstella 5555 image

Interstella 5555

Movies | Adventure

This a cute little show to binge when you got nothing else to do. The side characters carried the show imo and the jokes were subtle enough to get chuckles out of me 🤣. The only thing that got a little annoying was the main character's constant lack of accountability, but luckily his friends would either put him in check or save the mood with a joke (periodt 🤩). Not anything crazy special, but not a terrible show, just cute. Interested to see how they continue it.

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Shows | Comedy

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