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If it doesnt have a rating it's because I need to revisit it or it's Marvel.


8/10 This is a technical marvel and it will not be for everyone. The tension and the symbolism are everything. I could and probably will do a deep dive of this movie. Call Me By Your Name meets angry, angry cowboy.

The Power of the Dog imageThe Power of the Dog image

The Power of the Dog

Movies | Drama

9/10 I liked the story and the meaning placed in the phrase "bones and all". It was surprisingly tender (excuse the pun).

Bones and All imageBones and All image

Bones and All

Movies | Drama

8/10 The movie is difficult to say the least. You sit there, knowing what these boys do not: what they will see and what will happen to most of them.

All Quiet on the Western Front imageAll Quiet on the Western Front image

All Quiet on the Western Front

Movies | Action

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