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Mere presence of Matthew McConaughey on the screen is enough to make it intriguing. Engaging story.

The Lincoln Lawyer imageThe Lincoln Lawyer image

The Lincoln Lawyer

Movies | Crime

What can Leo not do? Best acting, great story and excellent direction.

Body of Lies imageBody of Lies image

Body of Lies

Movies | Action

Steven Spielberg and DeCaprio duo work the magic on the screen. Very intriguing movie. Good story telling and screenplay.

Catch Me If You Can imageCatch Me If You Can image

Catch Me If You Can

Movies | Drama

Good watch. Would rank this one after Shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz

The World's End imageThe World's End image

The World's End

Movies | Comedy

Really engaging web series. Perfect for binge watch. Storytelling and direction is superb. The scenes with the chess games are skillfully shot.

The Queen's Gambit imageThe Queen's Gambit image

The Queen's Gambit

Shows | Drama

Do not watch the trailer. It gives away some important things.

Unhinged imageUnhinged image


Movies | Thriller

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