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While the early side characters are not quite as engaging as their Clone Wars counterparts, the conflicts with the core casts are engaging enough to make it worthwhile. Once again, Dee Bradley Baker turns in an amazing performance as each and every clone he plays. An interesting concept with good characters, as well as the stunning animation makes the Bad Batch a must-watch

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The Bad Batch

Shows | Animation

Wonderfully written, and full of interesting characters and perspectives Marcus Zusak has crafted one of the great novels of the last decade. Narrated by Death, (yes Death is a character), Zusak tells the story of Nazi Germany from the perspective of Liesel Meminger. This story shows WW2 and the Holocaust and its effects on both a Jew, and a young German girl. Liesel learns to think for herself, and how to deal with loss, and adapt to an ever-changing, cruel, desperate, and harsh environment.

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The Book Thief

Books | Markus Zusak

High concept, suspenseful, and mysterious, WandaVision was a great start for Marvel television on Disney+. While the ending might not have measured up to the concept of the series, all of the actors have good chemistry, and will have every audience member wanting to see them again soon.

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While the plot might be slightly overhyped, Avatar is a great sci-fi movie. Good performances, interesting concepts, and incredible special effects makes Avatar another one of James Caermon's great movies.

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