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For lovers of K dramas, sweet cringe moments, and crazy brave female leaders this the story for you. The main character Dezzy is a beautiful example for if you fight for what you want and take steps to get there you can obtain in. Life is what you make of it and love is the same way. I absolutely love her love story and binging this book in two days ❤. #ibelieveinathingcalledlove #romantic_comedy #kdramareference

I Believe in a Thing Called Love imageI Believe in a Thing Called Love image

I Believe in a Thing Called Love

Books | Maurene Goo

A heart warming journey about self acceptance of a young girl who struggles with her physical appearance. Loving yourself may be challenging at first and yes having someone love you first helps, but sometimes the best love you can receive is the one you give your. If you like sentimental stories with romance this is the perfect novel for you!

The Upside of Unrequited imageThe Upside of Unrequited image

The Upside of Unrequited

Books | Becky Albertalli

Loving anything can bring copious amounts of ; love and hate, strength and weaknesses, bitter and sweet, regret and gratefulness but we can only learn this by trying. This story is a beautiful illustration of the pain and bless one must face when finding their place in the world. Learning to not only love and respect themselves but those around them too. #loveyourself #inspirational #love #strength

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This Lullaby

Books | Sarah Dessen

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