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Qlele Guived



soo funny and i love it perfect movie to watch with family (maybe not with kids)

Shallow Hal imageShallow Hal image

Shallow Hal

Movies | Comedy

wasnt as good as the first ine and a little too long but still rly good and i love the cast and matching the younger people iykwim

It Chapter Two imageIt Chapter Two image

It Chapter Two

Movies | Horror

loved it and its the perfect adventure movie and kind of a thriller and the setting is perfect if you like cold rainy weather

The Goonies imageThe Goonies image

The Goonies

Movies | Adventure

its a really good movie if you like movies about kids and from the kids perspective

My Girl imageMy Girl image

My Girl

Movies | Comedy

the while movie had a feeling of sadness and depression especially the little girl and her school “friends” the ending was a complete plot twist and makes you think of being grateful for what you have before you die. the ending was very sad and i highly recommend especially if u like rob;)

Remember Me imageRemember Me image

Remember Me

Movies | Drama

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