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In a year for the science fiction record books, Vesper sets itself apart as an utterly unique masterclass in beautifully atmospheric world-building. Doing for sci-fi what del Toro’s Labyrinth did for fantasy with a pinch of Elysium, Annihilation and Neir Automata all tied together by wonderful performances, particularly from the two young female leads, as well as vocally from their bed-ridden and robot-bound father-figure. If you like sci-fi, or cinema in general, you don’t want to miss Vesper.

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Movies | Science Fiction

One of the best modern animated series, striking visuals, lovable characters, fun setting and premise. All around amazing.

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Mob Psycho 100

Shows | Action & Adventure

Possibly the greatest, grimmest, most beautiful, brutal, crushing and cathartic historical epic I’ve ever seen. Set in a criminally under-explored awe-inspiringly gorgeous, yet bone-chillingly gruesome colonial Australia among the prehistoric forests and burgeoning townships scattered in the vastness of the ancient Aboriginal Bush. The performances are spectacular, the cinematography could be ranked among timeless classics and it deserved every award it got and then some. A true modern classic.

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The Nightingale

Movies | Drama

Another masterful modern classic from the brilliant mind of Mr. del Toro. A gorgeous, grim and impactful story with an ending that will sink into your soul long after the credits roll.

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Nightmare Alley

Movies | Drama

Could easily be listed among WWII cinema greats, fantastically shot, told and acted adaptation of an astonishing true story with reverence and realism for the flaws and heroism of the heroes involved.

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Movies | History

A surprise knockout shocker with a sprawling plot and incredible tension building, mystery, intrigue and cinematography. A must see for horror fans.

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The Empty Man

Movies | Crime

A bit of an acquired taste, seems to be made in part for the mother daughter team to show off their musical chops, which does make for a good soundtrack and an aesthetically pleasing, if more than a bit jarring and occasionally awkward transition between major story beats by cutting to band practice. I wouldn’t have likely recommended at all if it didn’t actually get quite good in the final act. If a female driven Mandy meets Men with a bit of indie vibes sounds up your alley, check it out.

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Movies | Horror

Another Pixar knockout! A phenomenal film for kids or adults with plenty of big laughs, bombastic action, heartstring-tugging scenes and awe-striking animation. Another example of why listening to internet troll reviews before a thing even comes out is a waste of time, but Lightyear was a great time well spent on watching!

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Movies | Animation

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