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This is the best book I’ve read. Not only is it impossible to put down, but it also is the most eye-opening, revolutionizing picture of the spiritual battles that go on in the world! This will forever change your mindset, your walk with Christ, your entire faith. This Present Darkness is a must-read for every Christian out there, anyone who might even be on the fence about becoming a Christian, and anyone currently alive because we all have a desperate need for salvation from the dark forces of the world!

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This Present Darkness

Books | Frank E. Peretti

A beautifully illustrated display of the Christian walk. The best use of personification I’ve ever seen in a book!

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The Pilgrim's Progress

Books | John Bunyan

A captivating start to what I expect to be one of the best well written dystopian trilogies I’ve read! It rightfully deserves it’s place among The Giver and Hunger Games. It was cleaner than many YA novels, but unfortunately still had about 40 swear words throughout. However, there was very minimum sexual content apart from the occasional innocent kiss. If you aren’t bothered by this, I highly recommend adding this to your list. I couldn’t put it down; It even had me laughing & gasping out loud the entire read!

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Books | Lauren Oliver

So interesting how even so many years ago, young girls had the same thoughts and troubles as they do today. Amazing to read how strong a 14 year old girl could be in the middle of hiding with strangers during this time of war. Although it was heartbreaking to read of her goals “after the war”, seeing how one of her dreams was to make an impact, live on after death, and be a successful writer was touching. She really achieved everything she wanted and she didn’t get to know that.

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Anne Frank

Books | Anne Frank

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