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A tense psychological horror/thriller, starring Jules Willcox, Marc Menchaca and a brief appearance by Anthony Heald, that unfolds in 4 acts. Willcox/Jessica tries to regroup by moving out of the city after a personal tragedy has left her emotionally scarred. She doesn't get very far before she encounters our antagonist played by Menchaca. There's no time-shifting backstory although we do find out the cause of her despair midway through the movie. As with most movies of this genre there are many moments of frustration brought on by Jessica's actions. It also has its share of unbelievable moments. I feel both MCs did a solid job: She looked genuinely scared and he was a genuine, creepy bad guy. There's nothing Oscar worthy here and there are no crazy plot twists, but it's a decent film with enough edge of your seat moments to keep you interested. Watch it at night, near a fireplace with a loved one, or Alone. I'd watch it again and would recommend it to anybody that doesn't like to dissect every movie they watch as of they're taking inventory of a cadaver frog, while others are using it as a vehicle for entertainment. I know far too many people like that and I won't watch movies with them. They're akin to people that have no business using a drive through at fast food restaurants, and I won't entertain that either. On a side note, I think Menchaca looks like the trilaminate love child of Kiefer Sutherland, Jason Sudeikis and Gary Cole/ Bill Lumbergh in this film.

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Movies | Thriller

I very nearly turned this off because of its lower budget look and my dislike of the true to life YouTube exhibitionist nature of the protagonist. I'm glad I didn't. He's one of the best scream queens I've encountered in quite a while. It starts off with a short online introduction to the easily spooked MC. He's made a name for himself by tackling his biggest fears while live streaming the events with largely positive results. However, one of his videos gets enough backlash that he falls from grace with the online community and he quickly loses his monetization status. In order to rise from the ashes, he plans to tackle his biggest fear: His fear of ghosts. I feel it has the perfect proportion of humor and horror with the emphasis on horror. It takes more than a few minutes to get going but once it does the atmosphere and the use of practical effects blend in nicely with the minimalist set. With a little help from his viewers, can this influencer make it through the night while gaining more than a few new subscribers, or will he once again end up getting de-platformed?

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Movies | Horror

I didn't hate it and I watched it to its completion, so I'll give it a thumbs up for some of the same reasonable elements that @DjCount liked about it. While this is a movie. I feel it will appeal to fans of the series Raised by Wolves. I didn't like RbW even though I'm a big fan of both of the Scott Brother's works. I lean more towards Ridley but I do experience moments of surprise during credit rolls when I learn that I just watched a Scott Free production of a Tony Scott film. Back to the movie, I feel it left some vital questions unanswered. Again, @DjCount already mentioned the deficiencies. One thing that is frustrating about TONS of movies and real life is how the real monsters are usually the humans (Clive Barker says this exact thing during the director's commentary of The Midnight Meat Train.) and instead of becoming men, we oftentimes become mice at the worst possible times. Vesper is not of the former. Instead she's a young woman/girl that's unwilling to give in to her physical environment or the male hierarchy. She can STEM! I recommend it but it needed to be longer just to flesh out some of the ideas.

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Movies | Science Fiction

I don't remember any of this. It's been decades since I watched this at Disneyland. I'm surprised it's on LikeWise.

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Captain EO

Movies | Science Fiction

This is a great, light-hearted comedy about an 40 year old, under-achieving carpenter who doesn't exactly love his job or his boss. Although he's hung up his competitive boxing gloves, he still works out at a local gym where he's also a part-time instructor. As timing would have it, he earns a chance to train for the upcoming Olympics. Along the way, with his trusted sidekick at the ready, he meets a potential love interest and also strikes up a friendship with the most unlikely candidate. A young, up-and-coming boxer that initially disapproves of the older pugilist eventually becomes his ally. This is a coming of age story that will have you rooting for his success, no matter how high the odds are stacked against him.

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The Hammer

Movies | Comedy

This is a fun movie full of great music, directed by Tom Hanks and which takes place during an era of explosive growth in the music industry: the sixties. Its central cast consists of Ethan Embry, Tom Everett Scott, Liv Tyler, Johnathon Shaech, Steve Zahn and Tom Hanks. The supporting cast is rounded out by Claudia Stedelin, Dawn Maxey, Charlize Theron, Holmes Osborne and Giovanni Ribisi. Other notables include Obba Babatundé, Chris Ellis, Alex Rocco, Bill Cobbs, Rita Wilson, Chris Isaak, Kevin Pollak, Clint Howard, Jonathan Demme and Bryan Cranston as astronaut Virgil 'Gus' Grissom (I don't remember that.). When the drummer (Ribisi) of a fledgling local band breaks his arm, he is replaced by a seasoned player (Scott) who becomes the catalyst that sends the band on a journey of self discovery and propels them on a whirlwind journey through the music industry of the time. Tom Hanks' and Gary Goetzman's production company 'Playtone' is named after the fictional record label from this movie. For anybody interested there's an extended cut on the iTunes store that is significantly longer: 40 minutes longer. I see that it's also available on Amazon. Unfortunately, I haven't watched the extended cut so I don't have any feedback of what those extra 40 minutes comprise.

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That Thing You Do!

Movies | Comedy

Rutger Hauer plays Nick Randall, a bounty hunter hired by the CIA to track down a terrorist, played by Gene Simmons, who is responsible for the bombing of a Los Angeles movie theater. Nick Randall is the descendant of the character Josh Randall, played by Steve McQueen in the 1958 television series of the same title. Robert Guillaume also stars. Gene Simmons turns in an 'explosive' performance.

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Wanted: Dead or Alive

Movies | Action

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