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This book has me searching inside my imagination for answers and guidance, rising above thoughts and freeing myself from judgement and clouds of misperceptions. I have absolutely grown from this and gained a lot of important knowledge. It’s a wonderful read and made me feel really important, and related to me a lot. It was comforting to read and helped me explore more in myself and my nature.

The Way of the Empath imageThe Way of the Empath image

The Way of the Empath

Books | Elaine Clayton

A beautiful, profound read detailing the beauty of this universe and being aware of the now, but told in a language that’s easy to understand, a more humble, human voice if you will. Certainly worth the read.

A New Earth imageA New Earth image

A New Earth

Books | Eckhart Tolle

I WANT TO READ THIS SO BAD. Skimmed through my sister’s copy and it was very well-written, and powerfully captivating. I am on hold at my library and am eager to receive a copy.

The Power of Now imageThe Power of Now image

The Power of Now

Books | Eckhart Tolle

Definitely worth purchasing. I rented mine at the library and could not seem to renew it enough. It’s one of those books that you flip to any page and read, which helps in busy settings and lifestyles, but has lots of thought provoking and personal reliability shared from author to reader. It’s a comforting read and I already miss it haha.

Read This for Inspiration imageRead This for Inspiration image

Read This for Inspiration

Books | Ashly Perez

This book really helps readers and writers of poetry to understand what modern poetry has evolved to and what factors of critiquing and criticizing it should be held onto close and resurrected. It’s a really fascinating read for writers and helped inspire and understand my own poetry more.

Beautiful & Pointless imageBeautiful & Pointless image

Beautiful & Pointless

Books | David Orr

Beautifully insightful poetry talking about the “all encompassing” now. the vast, unknown universe is an underlying theme in the entire collection and it’s truly inspired my own work.

Wayfare imageWayfare image


Books | Pattiann Rogers

Heartbreakingly triumphant; Harriet Jacob’s narrative is a beautifully written bruise permanently marked on the arms of African Americans. This is an eye-opening read and attacks against racist morals and hateful humans, but somehow learning to have hope through that, nightmares in real life. This book helped me gain a lot of perspective, and was a great read for Juneteenth or anytime of the year.



Books | Harriet Jacobs

A very easy read with a powerful meaning. It is a really wise novel for anyone at any age, and the themes revolve around deep, enlightening topics.

The Alchemist imageThe Alchemist image

The Alchemist

Books | Paulo Coelho

Very relatable when it comes to creative inspiration and pressure to contain the present with words. I love it so much so far and I admire Kate’s way with words and structuring.

Drifts imageDrifts image


Books | Kate Zambreno

Absolutely enlightening. Changed my perspective of awareness and the now, and genuinely helped my feelings of insecurity that simmer from depression. A wonderful and affirming read if you put all of your attention into the present moment when you read.

You Are the Happiness You Seek imageYou Are the Happiness You Seek image

You Are the Happiness You Seek

Books | Rupert Spira

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