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Riccy Kinard



This show is HILARIOUS!! Need another season for sure

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Shows | Comedy

One of my favorite Jim Carrey Movies ever. In my top 5 at least

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Yes Man

Movies | Comedy

I actually like this movie quite a bit. Wish we could’ve got a sequel with everyone in it.

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Robin Hood

Movies | Adventure

Incredible movie. Get in your feels

The Color Purple imageThe Color Purple image

The Color Purple

Movies | Drama

Very good psycho thriller. It was a crazy ride /// comment what you thought

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The Immaculate Room

Movies | Drama

Its a decently good movie. Felt a lil rushed and maybe a slow pick up but entertaining. Snoop Dogg acting was better than a lot of his roles he’s down prior. I give it a 7.5 i would recommend

Day Shift imageDay Shift image

Day Shift

Movies | Fantasy

Great movie. Love Sam Raimi stuff. The Evil Dead franchise is awesome. His stuff is unique. I recommend this for sure

The Quick and the Dead imageThe Quick and the Dead image

The Quick and the Dead

Movies | Western

LOVE IT!! That is ALL

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Shows | Comedy

Eh. It was cool. Nothing special fr vut if you get bored 🤷🏽‍♂️

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Choose or Die

Movies | Horror

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