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Might actually be my favorite book ever, only a few stand in competition. A beautiful friendship, daring adventures, just the right amount of romance (which is to say, only a little and all well established in-universe, no "love at first sight" shenanigans) and all pulling together in a world big enough to be bigger than our heroes and small enough to still need them. Absolutely incredible. Highly recommend to anyone who likes fantasy/adventure!

The Riyria Revelations imageThe Riyria Revelations image

The Riyria Revelations

Books | Michael J. Sullivan

Royce and Hadrian are the best Best Friends I've ever read. I live their dynamic-- the simple brotherly love and care, the exasperation with each other's foibles-- beautiful. And two adventures for the price of one in every book in this series! One of the best crafted fantasy books of our time. Everyone should give the Riyria Revelations a try at least once.

Theft of Swords imageTheft of Swords image

Theft of Swords

Books | Michael J. Sullivan

Royce is epic, Gwen is brave, Rose is in love, Hadrian is resigned-- what more could you ask from a second book in the prequelseries to one of the best stories ever written? Very little. Absolutely love it.

The Rose and the Thorn imageThe Rose and the Thorn image

The Rose and the Thorn

Books | Michael J. Sullivan

Answers at last after two/four books of questions! Fantastic, incredibly pour together, and the single thread at the end that brings it all into perspective actually still makes me cry most of the time that i read it.

Heir of Novron imageHeir of Novron image

Heir of Novron

Books | Michael J. Sullivan

Origin story for one of my favorite fictional friendships ever. Beautiful.

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The Crown Tower

Books | Michael J. Sullivan

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