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What a weird movie. But the mash up of salt-n-pepa and white stripes was awesome!

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Movies | Fantasy

An incredible accurate view of the struggle a young mother in a abusive relationship has to go through. There were some parts that were questionable. But all in all it is well made and I recommend it.

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Shows | Drama

It was a well made movie but not scary at all. And the bible class at school was weird. Kind of a waste of time if you are wanting a scary movie. If you like witch movies that revolve around faith and god winning this is your cup of tea

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Ghost in the Graveyard

Movies | Horror

I liked the 1989 version better however this one was pretty good.

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Pet Sematary

Movies | Horror

This was a twisted bermuda triangle movie. Was crazy to see the different aspects of time lapse and how the members of the boat slowly disappeared. Only thing i didnt fully understand was the lights...still a pretty good movie

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Haunting of the Mary Celeste

Movies | Horror

A mother's worst nightmare! A well made movie though. Blake Lively was a nice addition, but Chloe Grace Moretz did a wonderful job as the lead! It's based off a novel, maybe I'll check that out too.

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Movies | Comedy

I first studied about this last year, to see actual footage of what took place is heart breaking. So much anger and violence. It's baffling to see what the military did to try and intimidate the indigenous. I wish that people would learn from the past mistakes and create a better future.

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Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance

Movies | Documentary

A powerful documentary about the residential schools and some of the horrors indigenous children went through. The first time I watched this I was studying at University and was busy taking notes, second time watching was today and was just as intense and gut-wrenching as the first. I recommend this to anyone wanting to learn a bit more about the residential school system.

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We Were Children

Movies | Documentary

An interesting take on time travel. Meg Ryan always has her own quirky way of playing her roles in romantic comedies. Has a cute twist ending :)

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Kate & Leopold

Movies | Romance

Wow! I am only starting this podcast. I'm 7 episodes in and some of these crimes are described in great detail. I will be continuing to listen to this podcast as I am hooked.

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Canadian True Crime

Podcasts | History

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