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Living rather mundane life. Love to herb up and watch movies. Sadly, seen most everything, especially comedies. Have some recs?


Heartbreaking period piece about a black family in the Jim Crow south. Epic love story and easily Perry’s best movie to date. I hope he continues to make movies like this.

A Jazzman's Blues imageA Jazzman's Blues image

A Jazzman's Blues


I never went back to this because I read the second season was horrible. As usual, I’m an idiot. The second season is way better than the first and I can’t wait til to dive into the third.

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Shows | Drama

Written, directed and starring Katie Holmes, a Covid tale of relationships and new beginnings. I give her credit for trying something other than the the status quo and writing realistic characters. However it just sort of falls flat.

Alone Together imageAlone Together image

Alone Together


This was delightful. First, if you’re a fan of co-creator and producer Sara Bareilles, or just a fan of the singer/songwriter genre, this is a must watch. It worth the watch for the music alone. But it’s so much more. About a struggling musician and about family and representation and struggle. Nine 30 min episodes. So good.

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Little Voice

Shows | Drama

On the one hand there’s the audacity, the terrible endings (there were at least 4) and just the utter ridiculousness. On the other hand, it’s super awesome to see my former press secretary Allison Janney do her best Liam Neeson and kick some serious ass. I don’t know, it’s a toss up.

Lou imageLou image


Movies | Action

Bravo for trying something new with the romcom. This is pretty good. Well written and directed. Kaley Cuoco can act her ass off. And try as hard as he may, even Pete Davidson didn’t ruin it for me. But almost.

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Meet Cute

Movies | Romance

After loving Prey, I decided to go back and watch some of the earlier films. I couldn’t make it half way through the original Predator. Too dated and slow. But this one was surprisingly good. Really cool cast. Lots of fun action. Glad I went back and found it.

Predators imagePredators image


Movies | Action

This movie is exactly what you think it is. They keep making them because we love them. This one is better than most with a Homeresque theme. If the kids are a little older, it would be a good family movie.

Dog imageDog image


Movies | Drama

Inspirational story of forgiveness and the idea that it’s never too late. Starts super slow but gets progressively better. Still not much more that a made for TV movie, but it has its moments and payoffs.

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Father Stu

Movies | Drama

English dubbed sex comedy from Spain. Super risqué, super raunchy, taboo even. It was great. Most movies like this are about the dangers of crossing that line. This one shows all the other possibilities. This has been in my queue for a year. Big mistake by me.

More the Merrier imageMore the Merrier image

More the Merrier

Movies | Comedy

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