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I loved this movie so much. It leaves such a dark and heavy feeling on you the entire time. It makes you wonder and think the entire time. It tells tge story very well and also deals with the subject of rape very well too. I cant say much more without spoiling it. I was sad when it was tooken off schedule, but am so glad it finally released. I highly sugggest watching in a theater if you can , but watch it when it hits VOD and dvd. 10/10

Promising Young Woman imagePromising Young Woman image

Promising Young Woman

Movies | Thriller

I havent watched the other Hansel and Gretel films but I like many know the story. Many people will dislike this film for a variety of reasons but the visuals are one of the best things of this film. Dont go in really expecting the story to be anything new . I will admit it has its flaws and could have used a little more tome than it is to really make a good ending . It felt to rushed . Overall a decent telling of the story. 8/10

Gretel & Hansel imageGretel & Hansel image

Gretel & Hansel

Movies | Fantasy

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