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✔️ This was a good read but the mystery was easy to decipher. I figured out where things were headed a little to easy. Some of the story played out way to fake or easy compared to real life that it got 3 ⭐️’s out of 5. But it still was a decent read.

The chain imageThe chain image

The chain

Books | Adrian McKinty

✔️ Finished this one. This has so many surprises. Kept me wanting to not put it down. Wanted more yet it was complete and came full circle.

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Local Woman Missing

Books | Mary Kubica

Good story that only lightly touched racism and slavery. But a well told story all the same. I enjoyed reading but wouldn’t have minded if it got more in depth with the ugliness… true ugliness of slavery… even for house slaves.

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Yellow Wife

Books | Sadeqa Johnson

Loved the book… until the end. It kept me reading and wanting more. Just the last page let me down. I just expected something else, something more, closure of some sort. I’m horrible with reviews as i hate to give spoilers so I won’t write more. Good book… I just can’t get over the hurdle of expecting a huge closing ending.

The Cabin at the End of the World imageThe Cabin at the End of the World image

The Cabin at the End of the World

Books | Paul Tremblay

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