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It was the first book i read written by Agatha Christie and honestly it didn't disappoint at all! I love how I was able to imagine myself there in those periods back in time and it encouraged me to start reading all the other book from her. I fell in love with her universe!

Murder on the Orient Express imageMurder on the Orient Express image

Murder on the Orient Express


This was the fist book ever that made me cry so much. The storyline is Amazing since where going into each step of grief with Sarah. It was a perspective i've never read before and it was an absolute pleasure to get into this journey of reading this book.

Sara 01- La Lumière blanche imageSara 01- La Lumière blanche image

Sara 01- La Lumière blanche

Books | Anique Poitras

It's so easy to read and surprisingly I didn't felt like it was a children book. This story is really well made, because the kids will see a certain meaning behind the actual words. While more mature people will understand something totally different from the kids. That's what I liked the most about it.

The Little Prince imageThe Little Prince image

The Little Prince

Books | Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

It was so addictive! The settings of the story are incredible and perfect. Like 19th century Italy and the Italian words sometimes incorporated really make you feel like you're in the moment ! Plus the enemies to lovers is more of a slow burn type but the author said the second book will be more intense and spicy (if you know what I mean) between Emilia and Wrath.

Kingdom of the Wicked imageKingdom of the Wicked image

Kingdom of the Wicked

Books | Kerri Maniscalco

It is ! I was surprised when I watched it actually

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Legally Blonde

Movies | Comedy

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