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Roxy Paxtor



Good movie but the ending is sad he tried his best

(500) Days of Summer image(500) Days of Summer image

(500) Days of Summer

Movies | Comedy

It’s a good movie to watch whenever you feel bored

Mean Girls imageMean Girls image

Mean Girls

Movies | Comedy

It’s a really good movie to show that there is no reason to judge someone based on their looks

Wonder imageWonder image


Movies | Drama

She went to war because her father couldn’t

Mulan imageMulan image


Movies | Animation

She loved someone else that wasn’t an Indian and he is not bad like other white people.

Pocahontas imagePocahontas image


Movies | Adventure

There are some awkward moments

Love, Rosie imageLove, Rosie image

Love, Rosie

Movies | Comedy

She liked him very much she traded he voice to met him.

The Little Mermaid imageThe Little Mermaid image

The Little Mermaid

Movies | Animation

It good I love the way he ends up finding her again

Cinderella imageCinderella image


Movies | Family

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