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Hella cute, funny, and fresh. In a time of grungy and gory films, it was sweet. Conceptually a really cool movie. CGI is a little rough, but theres a lot of really good in here. A little long, good for a lazy day watch. Worth it!

I Am Dragon imageI Am Dragon image

I Am Dragon

Movies | Fantasy

MUST WATCH. Funny, sweet, wholesome, and cute. I absolutely adore this show! Magical realism is a gift for soft-hearted folk. Cute, cute, cute!

Jane the Virgin imageJane the Virgin image

Jane the Virgin

Shows | Comedy

The first season are the best. Worth the watch! My husband actually showed me this. Love the quippy and fast dialogue! Very funny. It goes downhill with time though, they dont advance the characters.

Gilmore Girls imageGilmore Girls image

Gilmore Girls

Shows | Comedy

I love this show, its worth the watch. Funny, albeit over the top.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt imageUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt image

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Shows | Comedy

Wholesome, funny, relaxing. 10/10

The Great British Bake Off imageThe Great British Bake Off image

The Great British Bake Off

Shows | Reality

My go-to for lighthearted re-watching. This show shouldn't be as good as it is, but alas, many hours have gone into it all the same! Funny, quippy, and quirky

New Girl imageNew Girl image

New Girl

Shows | Comedy

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