I liked it as well as Evies first two books but I did have some problems that the conflict between fmc &mmc was the same every time, multiple times (she would misunderstand something, get mad, realize she was mistaken, and he would forgive her too fast) But overall I enjoyed the read and it was nice and aight but I liked her first two better

Portrait of a Scotsman imagePortrait of a Scotsman image

Portrait of a Scotsman

Books | Evie Dunmore

It was good at first but at some point just got me frustrated. The fmc was being a bit annoying and not understanding. I also hate the miscommunication trope when it's used like this. The conflict could have easily been resolved by repeating herself or something but she decided not to cuz of some stupid reason. I think it was dragged out a bit and also written as if it was from the 1800s-the book itself not only the dialogue-so it was a little hard to follow. But I liked the plot

A Duke, the Spy, an Artist, and a Lie imageA Duke, the Spy, an Artist, and a Lie image

A Duke, the Spy, an Artist, and a Lie

Books | Vanessa Riley

This book made me laugh out loud at some parts but sometime the fmc was really bothering me and was kind of acting like a pick-me....but I liked it. It was funny and cute and a quick read

The Love Hypothesis imageThe Love Hypothesis image

The Love Hypothesis

Books | Ali Hazelwood

It was aight. The story wasn't so much a marriage of convenience because they liked each other since the beginning it wasn't really progressing from there so the ultimate realization that they love each other came as a 'duh' cuz they kind of acted like it already anyways. It was a nice easy read for an afternoon tho nothing I particular disliked about it

To Marry and to Meddle imageTo Marry and to Meddle image

To Marry and to Meddle

Books | Martha Waters

So cute I loved it. It was tame with just enough spice to feel giddy but not vulgar. I loved the story.

The Unhoneymooners imageThe Unhoneymooners image

The Unhoneymooners

Books | Christina Lauren

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