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One of my favorite books I’ve read this year! All of our choices we make in life make a difference, and this book shows how one different choice can change so many little things. The main message though is that sometimes the life we think we want does not turn out to be all that great, and not nearly as good as the life we have!

The Midnight Library imageThe Midnight Library image

The Midnight Library

Books | Matt Haig

Katherine Center is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! Her books are inspiring, uplifting and reallly make you think about what truly matters in life!

How to Walk Away imageHow to Walk Away image

How to Walk Away

Books | Katherine Center

I never read a book that I needed more than this one! It inspired me to really notice the little things and be grateful for all moments- big or small, they all make a difference in our lives and shape us into the people we become!

What You Wish For imageWhat You Wish For image

What You Wish For

Books | Katherine Center

You can choose how you want to read this, but some days her quote with a little story was what I needed to get through the day!

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I Really Needed This Today

Books | Hoda Kotb

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