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My friends urged me to push past the first few chapters and it was worth it! As a non-American it was a little hard to get into because the way the non-American characters talk is just unnatural and makes no sense (unless it's sarcasm but it seems serious) but if you push past that it gets really funny and enjoyable!!

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Red, White & Royal Blue

Books | Casey McQuiston

As an ex-dancer and ex-competitive gymnast I found this show ENTIRELY accurate while also very "wouldn't it be nice if...." It isn't a cliche but when you start it, it definitely feels like it could be, but then they pull you in a completely different direction. The make-believe part of this is that Neveah actually seems to get some justice for her friend, while the other dancers and faculties response to her is completely realistic because she's actively trying to change a system. Really good!

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Tiny Pretty Things

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