Sallie Holland



Wow this movie was crazy and well done, will be a while before i watch again tho

Midsommar imageMidsommar image


Movies | Horror

Funny and great, almost a feel good movie but it is a murder story

Knives Out imageKnives Out image

Knives Out

Movies | Mystery

Love margo robie and this was a very interesting and crazy movie

I, Tonya imageI, Tonya image

I, Tonya

Movies | Drama

Very sad but well done

Moonlight imageMoonlight image


Movies | Drama

Fun to watch feel good show

Queer Eye imageQueer Eye image

Queer Eye

Shows | Reality

Interesting but not too stressful to watch

The Crown imageThe Crown image

The Crown

Shows | Drama

Fun to watch, romantic and i love the costumes and sets+ the inclusivity and seeing black hair styles in a kindof period piece

Bridgerton imageBridgerton image



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