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My favourite of the trilogy! It has fantastic representation and the best acting of all three movies in my opinion. There's so many twists and turns and personally, the ending is extremely satisfying. It's also a great new take on witchy horror that I haven't seen before. I'm not bored for a second watching this film and really took me on a rollercoaster of emotions in a way that the other two movies hadn't.

Fear Street: 1666 imageFear Street: 1666 image

Fear Street: 1666

Movies | Horror

This one is just as good as the first! If you're a fan of the Friday the 13th franchise you'll most likely love this movie. This is the only film of the 3 you can watch on its own without being too confused. There's also a lot of implied messages about real life issues throughout the film and it's also great to rewatch to pick up on new things when you finish the trilogy!

Fear Street: 1978 imageFear Street: 1978 image

Fear Street: 1978

Movies | Horror

The best modern slasher I've seen! It also has amazing representation and an awesome soundtrack. After watching this one I wanted to see the next two movies immediately! If you liked The Haunting series on Netflix you'll definitely love this trilogy as well. It's also great nostalgia for any 90s kids as well as fans of the movie Scream

Fear Street: 1994 imageFear Street: 1994 image

Fear Street: 1994

Movies | Horror

Definitely not the type of show I anticipated myself enjoying! But each episode has something to make not only the Episode, but the rest of the season/series more interesting! If you like soap operas or telanovelas I highly recommend this show!

Desperate Housewives imageDesperate Housewives image

Desperate Housewives

Shows | Mystery

A great thriller with some lgbt rep and an intriguing plot! I was definitely questioning who to root for throughout the film and wow that ending still has me stunned!

I Care a Lot imageI Care a Lot image

I Care a Lot

Movies | Thriller

If you liked Euphoria and The Haunting of Hill House, I highly recommend this because it's formatted in a very similar way and tackles serious issues teenage girls struggle through while also being extremely entertaining! Also FANTASTIC REPRESENTATION!

The Wilds imageThe Wilds image

The Wilds


A really underrated film! If you like stuff like Alien, or Jaws you'll probably like this one. Right when things seem like they're getting boring, the action starts again and you're on the edge of your seat for the entire film!

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Movies | Thriller

This is the first kids show to have canon lgbt representation before the end of the series! The fact that it's written by someone who is lgbt is even better! This show is going to pave the way for the many that come after it and I can't wait to see what's next for this series

The Owl House imageThe Owl House image

The Owl House

Shows | Animation

If you're looking for a movie that talks about mental health and trauma this is the one! It's incredible and extremely underrated! It's very similar to Perks of Being a Wallflower but actually came out before it! It really does a better job than stuff like Cyberbully and 13 Reasons Why at tackling issues like this. I highly recommend you check it out!!

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Movies | Drama

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