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Sam Smith



Huge Ray Stevenson fan and he does not disappoint! He is really good in this and makes what could be an average "okay" crime movie a good one.

Kill the Irishman imageKill the Irishman image

Kill the Irishman

Movies | Action

Surprisingly good. It feeds into the darker aspects of war and science. I wish a certain part of the infection could have looked better but hey can't have it all.

Trench 11 imageTrench 11 image

Trench 11

Movies | Thriller

This is a straight Horror Comedy. All of the suspenseful elements from the forst movie are replaced with some goofy Nazi zombie gags. Its great and worth the watch but this is not the same tone of the first movie. The ending will never make you think of the song Turn Around the same way again

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead imageDead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead image

Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead

Movies | Horror

Great horror movie woth some dark comedic elements throughout the movie

Dead Snow imageDead Snow image

Dead Snow

Movies | Horror

This is a great Nazi Zombie Action thriller movie

Outpost imageOutpost image


Movies | Action

All the best aspects of a Bond film but also parodies them just enough to be unique and still great action story

Kingsman: The Secret Service imageKingsman: The Secret Service image

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Movies | Crime

A Supernatural thriller that is amazing!!!

The Ritual imageThe Ritual image

The Ritual

Movies | Horror

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