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I rarely can pick an easy craft/sewing/drawing/etc project. I always pick something that would be rated at minimum 3-4 out of 5 on difficulty rating. 5 being pro. Large learning curve I have to power through most the time. Maybe one day I'll learn to start simple. Doubtful.


It's not talent it's skill. It's self growth. It's a lovely series on self-reflection and growth. Definitely rewatchable

Blue Period imageBlue Period image

Blue Period

Shows | Animation

It's a dark sci-fi monster movie. Enjoyed the cast selection as well.

The Cave imageThe Cave image

The Cave

Movies | Action

It's a very touching film, but definitely is overall a sensitive subject matter. Be careful and kind with yourself if you watch and are also in a sensitive mindset.

A Single Man imageA Single Man image

A Single Man

Movies | Romance

It's a standard high school slasher. Pretty predictable, but that's the genre.

Prom Night imageProm Night image

Prom Night

Movies | Crime

It's a good classic movie. Harrison Ford plays a good president.

Air Force One imageAir Force One image

Air Force One

Movies | Action

I loved what I saw of it before it left Netflix. It's now on my Christmas list so I can finish it. Then I might read the books. I love the way the Vincent and Cat interact. Plus Jay Ryan's voice is just lovely. The tension between them had me talking at the TV. Lol.

Beauty and the Beast imageBeauty and the Beast image

Beauty and the Beast

Shows | Drama

It was a cute movie. The nature of it was somber giving the subject matter. Being the sap I am I was weepy in parts.

Afterlife of the Party imageAfterlife of the Party image

Afterlife of the Party

Movies | Comedy

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