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Good movie!!!! I love it!!! A must watch!

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Movies | Drama

This is such a good movie! I wasn’t expecting it to be this good! It kept my jaw dropping a lot, that’s how intense it was. This movie is filled with suspense and mystery! Awesome! I love it. Florence, Olivia and Harry did a great job!

Don't Worry Darling imageDon't Worry Darling image

Don't Worry Darling

Movies | Thriller

I love this show! This is a must watch and I’m glad that they came out with season 2!

Firefly Lane imageFirefly Lane image

Firefly Lane

Shows | Drama

This movie is amazing! It’s inspirational, reality based and motivational. It gives victims a voice and allows them to be seen. It’s amazing that Mika Kunis’s character was still trying to find her self through it all and finally decided to stick up for herself. She decided to be proud of herself for herself and not anyone else. Director did a good job, actors and production. Also, it was never boring and had a great point of view from the victims perspective. It’s a must watch!

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Luckiest Girl Alive

Movies | Mystery

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