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Sara Haned



Sci-fi, mystery and fantasy all in one, it's a great TV shiw to binge watch, for me it was kind off scary cuz I don't do good with ghosts but it was amazing! I recommend đź‘Ś.

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Nancy Drew

Shows | Mystery

Although it's new and still has episodes to be uploaded its amazing. I love this so much and can't wait for the rest of the episodes?

Kung Fu imageKung Fu image

Kung Fu


This is hands down the best tv show there is to watch. It has drama, love,comedy, its kind of medical. It's just amazing.

Grey's Anatomy imageGrey's Anatomy image

Grey's Anatomy

Shows | Drama

I dont know I have many the whole show is funny

A Modern Farewell imageA Modern Farewell image

A Modern Farewell

Movies | Comedy

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