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I’m putting this as a like since I like more than dislike. But the climax gave “Greys Anatomy” realism except for science. If I’m crying about my dead bff, do me a favor and don’t mount me and try to sex me up. Tears aren’t a proper substitute for lube. Also we get it, she really likes Marie Curie and being not like the other girls.

Love on the Brain imageLove on the Brain image

Love on the Brain

Books | Ali Hazelwood

Why is this book so sad? I had a bunch of people recommend this and it kept popping up on the multiple book apps I use. I saw it at my local library so I grabbed it on a whim. Soooo good but ******* such a sad story. I loved the satisfying positive ending. Total 10/10, I heard of a possible sequel and I’ll be waiting to see if that’s true.

It Ends with Us imageIt Ends with Us image

It Ends with Us

Books | Colleen Hoover

Ya know…it was okay. This one felt more about overcoming her trauma than romance. I don’t want to discount the writing because the author put in her note that she felt closest to this book and her personal roadblocks. But compared to the other two books this one felt like the odd duck out. I wanted Quan to have an amazing passionate love story and I felt like it was a depressing love story for him to have. This book gets about a 5/10 for me with the 🌶 level being a 2.

The Heart Principle imageThe Heart Principle image

The Heart Principle

Books | Helen Hoang

Sue me but I think this one is better than The Kiss Quotient. I liked how the 🌶 wasn’t as dirty and with Khai being autistic, it wasn’t super early in the book like it was with Michael. I did like the first book mind you, but I’m glad that Ms. Horang didn’t just put out the same book/plot with a different character as the main. The representation was nice, her changing from saying Asperger’s to autism was great as well. It was a solid 8/10. Already starting The Heart Principal.

The Bride Test imageThe Bride Test image

The Bride Test

Books | Helen Hoang

Just finished this book in a day. I liked how the main characters weren’t white not only in looks but they talked about some cultural stuff. Along with the main character being autistic (didn’t like the use of Asperger’s though, look up why if you don’t know). Lots of spice, fairly early on too so make sure you’re okay with a lot of 🌶 talk and descriptions. The story without the 🌶 was amazing, the male lead is so understanding and sweet. I would rate it an 8/10. Something different and good.

The Kiss Quotient imageThe Kiss Quotient image

The Kiss Quotient

Books | Helen Hoang

I just finished this book and it’s okay. The ending felt rushed, they were still fighting like 5 pages from the ending then suddenly main female lead had an epiphany. The epilogue didn’t give us much of anything as it was a single page. The spice level was moderate so nothing too graphic. The banter was good but the female lead’s characteristics were so cringy. I got way too much second hand embarrassment in the first 100 pages where I almost returned it. But overall it’s a 6/10

Mr. Wrong Number imageMr. Wrong Number image

Mr. Wrong Number

Books | Lynn Painter

The book overall was about a 6/10. I felt like the romance was on the back burner while the trio had a lot more focus. It was a very fast read with an acceptable ending. The whole thing with the ex and the house felt a bit extreme though. It’s a long leap from not having a case to arson, he seemed more mentally capable than that lol

Love at First Spite imageLove at First Spite image

Love at First Spite

Books | Anna E. Collins

The B&N employee told me it was a slow burn which is what I prefer. The book was 10/10 on the build up. I enjoyed the teasing scenes more than the actual 🌶 scene. The male lead started using “baby” a lot and it pulled me out. I preferred their cute Spanish pet names they used during the wedding scenes. Also the extra stuff about his dad at the end felt unneeded.

The Spanish Love Deception imageThe Spanish Love Deception image

The Spanish Love Deception

Books | Elena Armas

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